Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Disclosure: This post will contain traces of whining and complaining, which may be unsuitable for some readers.

I hurt my neck and shoulder last week and it got better, but not completely. It was tolerable and I tried my best to deal with it, expecting it to go away. Well, boy was I wrong. Yesterday was awful. Nothing made it feel better and I couldn't seem to accomplish anything productive. My sweet BF came home from work and tenderized me like a piece of meat, gave me more Motrin than recommended and I went to bed.

I am feeling a little better today. Not by much, but I am trying to will the pain away because I have a big weekend ahead of me.

Sunday is my mom's birthday! We have a fun day planned for her starting with a champagne brunch in the late morning. I won't disclose anymore plans for the day in case she reads this post. I can fill you in on all the rest of the details later.

Then, Monday is the BF's mom birthday! We are going to take her out on Saturday for a fancy dinner and cocktails.

So, I will be popping pills, using a heating pad and begging the BF to massage my neck and shoulder every waking moment until I have returned to a semi human state again, because I refuse to have nothing less than a great time this weekend.

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  1. Popping pills with champagne is even better. ;) Hope your mom's special day was wonderful!