Wednesday, February 18, 2009

V Day in Julian

We spent Valentine's Day in cold and snowy Julian. Downtown was really crowed with tourists window shopping and waiting in a very long long for pie. So the BF and I bypassed the crowds and headed straight for the snow.

We always reminds ourselves that we are very lucky to live 20 minutes from the beach and an hour from the mountains (and snow). You wouldn't think that San Diego would see snow, but we do. Not a ton of snow, but snow non the less. It's very exciting for San Diegans.

We were super dorks and couldn't find our gloves or mittens - they are not used too often - and went without them, which explains that sad excuse for the snowman we made.

He is sporting sun glasses and a carrot nose, so I think that ups his awesome quotient a few points.

The day was tons of fun and I only fell over in the snow once. Sweet!

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