Friday, May 2, 2008

Personal post time

I haven't been really personal on this blog yet, but the appropriate time has come.

My dad, who is a truly amazing and remarkable person has been waiting for a kidney transplant for several years. We were all getting pretty desperate and knew that he really needed a transplant soon.

This Wednesday, April 30th my dad received the most wonderful gift - a new lease on life. His transplant was a success and he is doing surprisingly well for a person who just had major surgery 2 days ago. He won't be out of the dark for 3 months, but will just be taking everything one day at a time.

I am beyond happy for him and my family. I am so happy for myself too - for every selfish reason that I can think of. I have my dad for another day and he is happier and healthier today than he has been in so many years.

I am so grateful for this completely surreal and strange experience. I can't even really begin to describe the insurmountable emotions we have all experienced. I want to relish every moment and celebrate my dad every second of the day.

My dad is such a brave man and I can't wait for what life has in store for his future.

My dad is the jumper on the right. He feels this good again and it just doesn't get any better. Hooray!

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  1. I am so so happy for you and your family! Big hug and good thoughts, Brenda