Friday, December 12, 2008

Ahhh, it's Friday again

My BF is very smart and catalogs all of our digital pictures in very neat and organized folders on the computer. He even used some fancy-schmancy numeric dating system that I don't completely understand for all of the folders so we have an exact date of when the pictures were uploaded.

I'm sure that if it were up to me, the pictures would be all over the place with no rhyme or reason and I would have to neurotically click all over to find that one pictures I was looking for. That is why I am the artist and he is the smarty pants web developer. (Can you tell I'm proud?)

As luck would have it (or a very methodical and organized system) I found this picture that I love so much!

The very smart BF is great about documenting all of our exciting adventures and this scrumptious fruit plate was from his birthday extravaganza in Palm Desert. We also had some tasty mimosas too.

But most importantly, when I see this picture I can still feel the hot sun beating on my toes, taste the sweet fruit we ate and remember how thankful I am for my BF's heightened analytical skills.

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