Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm in Paradise...

...and it's called the Desert Springs JW Marriott in Palm Desert.

This place is super sweet and beyond beautiful! We stayed here a few years ago for Thanksgiving weekend. The amazing part of this resort is the lake that surrounds it and the dock inside the main lobby where you can board a gondola that takes you on a tour.The last time we stayed here, the entire resort was under construction the entire lobby including the gondola dock was all torn up.

Now we are here again to celebrate my BF's birthday and it is even better because we get to experience it in all of it's renovated glory.

We got an amazing deal on the room because it is the off season in Palm Desert. Today was around 120 degrees - so it is pretty hot to say the least.

I appropriated some photographs from the resort website so you can enjoy our mini vacation with us.

Bird's eye view of the JW Palm Desert

At night

The room

Gondola dock INSIDE the lobby (so cool!)

The main lobby and lounge

The main pool

See you all back in reality on Monday - have a great weekend!

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