Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Super Sparklies

I just got a monster shipment of my most favorite things in the world - luscious sparkling gemstone beads!

I have some serious prettiness to share with you that will all be available to purchase in my bead shop, but of course, you are getting a sneak preview here first.

Let me know if you see anything you want and I can make a special reserved listing, just for you.

Faceted Chalcedony Heart Briolettes

Faceted Carnelian Heart Briolettes

Faceted Citrine Briolette Drops

Faceted Garnet Oval Beads

Faceted Garnet Marquis Briolettes

Faceted Green Onyx Heart Briolettes

Hessonite Garnet Onion Briolettes

Petro-Green Tourmaline Briolette Pears

Rutilated Quartz Heart Briolettes

If you can believe it - this is only part one of the gem show I have in store, so stay tuned and check back soon for part two.

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