Monday, August 4, 2008

Wine Tastes Good

To fully enjoy our weekend getaway, I planned ahead and stocked up at BevMo! (which is short for Beverages and More) on some yummy bottles of wine and one special bottle of champagne. And believe you me, we drank to out hearts content!

I have been waiting with anticipation for the new BevMo! to have it's grand opening near my house and luckily it did right before we left for the weekend. For those of you who are not familiar with Bevmo! - it is the alcohol equivalent of Costco. They have rows and rows of wine, champagne, beer, liquor and anything else adult beverage related.

Of the bottles of wine we brought with us was Renwood Zinfandel Lodi '05 and it was probably my favorite.

According to Wilfred Wong, this zinfandel was rated an 88 points out of 100. I loved it and thought it was a fantastic wine at a great price. It was very fruit forward and jammy, but not too bold.

Anyway, I realize that I have written an entire blog post about alcohol, but what the hey, I'm not ashamed of loving wine - and I swear that I'm not an alcoholic, just a wine enthusiast.

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