Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lots of Fishies at the Birch Aquarium

We went to the Birch Aquarium over the weekend and saw all kinds of amazing and beautiful ocean creatures. It was a warm day, but very overcast which is the usual weather for La Jolla.

We took lots of pictures, which come in at a far 2nd to being there in person, but what the hey. If the fish would slow down a little, the pictures would be a little less blurry.

This is the "giant" octopus when you first enter the aquarium. He isn't technically giant, but I would say he is pretty big. He swam across the glass and I think he enjoyed all of the attention.

This is a humongous kelp forest. There were a ton of fish swimming around having a high old time.

These are moon jellyfish. They were super cool in person and sadly, blurry in picture.

These are another type of jelly fish (unfortunately I can't remember which kind).

This guy is an amazing tree seahorse! He really blew us away and is a true testament to the miracle of nature.

Super cool tropical fish.

More colorful tropical fish.

This is the view of the La Jolla shore from the patio of the aquarium.

It was a really great mini adventure for the day! It is a shame that I live so close and visit the aquarium so infrequently.

Bad Lauren.

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