Saturday, July 5, 2008

The San Diego County Fair (formerly, The Del Mar Fair)

We went to the SD County Fair (which used to be called the Del Mar Fair and is my preferred name, but was changed a few years ago for some reason) and had such a good time!!

I have really fond memories of the Fair - We went every year with my family and always had a ton of fun. We saw all different kinds of farm animals, ate horrible for you, but tasty fair food, went on rides and walked through what seemed like never ending exhibition halls.

This year I went with my BF and he was smart and brought our camera to document our Fair adventure. Here are some of my favorites...

This is maybe 1/16th of the food the fair has to offer - it's basically a heart attack waiting to strike.

These were our obscenely overpriced $8 beers - but they were pretty tasty!

Here is a crazy person bungee jumping from a crane.

This man was having his teeth whitened in one of the exhibition halls and fell asleep. This picture marks the strangest thing we saw at the Fair.

This was our funnel cake - yet another Fair indulgence. It was sinfully delicious!

This is on the way to the rides. Weeeeeeee

Rides in motion!

Awesome giant slide - this is one of the few rides that I, a self proclaimed scaredy-cat would consider going on.

Monster Ferris Wheel - if you ride it during the day you can see the Pacific Ocean for miles and miles.

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