Monday, July 21, 2008

Strange Picture of the Day

Now, I realize that the title of this blog post may possibly insinuate that I have, or will be featuring a "Strange Picture of the Day". I'm not making any promises - in fact, I will just come right out and say that this will probably only happen this once. I guess that the real title of this post should exclude the "of the day" portion, but I'm leaving it - just because...

Getting back to the point - My BF took this picture from the passenger seat while I was driving on the 15 North just past Escondido making our way into Vista. For those of you who know where this is will make this picture all the more strange (not that it isn't already strange enough).

I can't imagine where this hot dog stand had been, or where it was going. It will have to just remain a mystery.

*By the way, I in no way endorse the consumption of Hot Dog on a Stick.

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